Business Development Stage 2: Communication

Now that you have begun to conceptualize your business idea, it is time to share.  Stage 2 of business development is communication.  During this stage you will start to share with others about your vision; it is the expression of your idea.  The goal is to obtain buy-in from others and, most importantly, yourself.  You will most likely find that you talk to yourself as often as you talk with others!

Just like you should take time to think about your vision, take time to talk about it as well.  Doing so will assist in identifying and discussing your challenges, goals, and other details essential to your success.  Build a base of family, friends, and colleagues that can provide feedback as you proceed through this phase.  Small business development is an exciting step in your career but be sure to move through each development stage with careful thought and intentionality.

Up Next: Stage 3

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