Creative Thinking: The Entrepreneur’s Asset

Every so often there is an event that causes us to stop our activity and demands our attention.  The hurricane and subsequent damage that took place in the last 48 hours is one of those events.  An entrepreneur who has some experience, or anyone with a creative edge, will see this as an opportunity.

While there is a chance of sounding uncaring (which is not the case, one of our team members lives in PA), major events can be a catalyst for creative opportunity.

Buy a chainsaw and start a business in tree removal.  Your neighbors are the perfect start to a customer base.  Or use that wet-vac that is sitting in the basement and start with basement restoration.  With the numbers of those affected, homeowner’s insurance companies and FEMA cannot give claims the urgent attention they need.  Seize the opportunity for a source of extra income, to lend a helping hand, and who knows, maybe you will love this new venture!

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