Small Business Management

Business Model Change and Innovation






The game of “pass the blame” has no place in the world of the small business.  If you are the owner, then you hold the key to all responsibility.  The price for “passing the blame” is failure.  You must take charge and see things through to their completion.  The most important piece of advice for the start-up business owner is:  never give up!  The business start up phase can last a full 2-3 years.  This does not mean it will take you that long to start making money; it does mean that during this time frame your business model will continue to evolve.  Always remember the factors that motivated you to start your business.  The “why” related to starting your business will be your foundation and keep you moving along even with the unplanned roadblocks get in the way.  Never hesitate to utilize professional expertise outside of your business model to help guide you along the way.  More information gives you the power to make the best decisions.

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