Tough Love for the Small Business Owner


In small business your services and products are your bond.  You will gain and lose customers through the life of your business; you don’t have the luxury of being able to generate a new customer within your market for every one you lose due to poor service or product.  This reality must balance in your favor and improve as time moves on while you take advantage of those who don’t return to do business with you by learning from your mistakes.  Small business owners will have multiple opportunities to close down business operations in difficult times.  The successful business person must learn to overcome these types of temptations and continue to work through the key stages of development, find ways to solve operational dilemmas, and improve the business by creating or restructuring the overall foundation.  As you spend time developing your business never forget that your customers will provide valuable feedback on how well you are doing.  Remember, although you may work hard to create “new value,” your customers will be the final judge of the past, present and future.


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