Partnership in Business

During your business interactions you will meet new people every day or, at the very least, every week.  When you meet new people you should assess and determine if they can be an asset to help you achieve your personal or career goals.  By looking for certain traits among your acquaintances and contacts you begin to identify the best business partners with whom you should develop a connection or strategic relationship.  Bond with those who celebrate your success and offer a helpful ear whenever you face a problem.  The right people rejoice over your triumphs and do not feel obligated to “one-up” you.

Business development requires the art of utilizing resources and individuals and then integrating them into profitable solutions and economic opportunities.  Successful business models are molded after identifying or creating a market condition for demand and coming up with a feasible solution which can be adjusted and sustained over an extended period of time.

It takes the “right” people to help you move forward; always identify and evaluate the key people in your life along with the opportunities and resources from that come from new acquaintances.

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