Customer Retention and Consistent Sales

Have you ever been confused by a business?  Maybe their products don’t match their image, or their mission statement seems to have a different message than the services they provide.  Every business organization must know why it exists and how its current business can be profitable today and in the future.  It isn’t a quick easy process, but the information is so integral to your success in small business.  How do you position yourself for success in an ever changing market? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Successful businesses define themselves according to customer retention and consistent sales of products and services.  Management plays the key role and identifies:

– the customers
– their buying preferences
– product diversification and
– geographical location

Analyzing all relevant data in relation to the business environment is necessary to help management determine 1) the future market potential, 2) the economic variables affecting this market and 3) potential changes in buying habits.  Management also articulates the overall goals to and throughout the organization in order to coordinate all business activities efficiently and effectively.

Communicating the goals is a process with several facets.  Beginning with formulating and distributing a clear, concise statement of the central purpose of the business, management then leads in the formulation of long-range organizational goals and finally, coordinates the activities of each department and division in developing strategic objectives and policies.

So in summary, management identifies, analyzes, and then articulates relevant information as it relates to customers and sales.  Need more information about pricing strategy?  Check out this article.

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