Profitability By Design


As many of our other posts have identified, a successful business doesn’t happen accidentally.  The idea behind any functional business model lies in employing financial/human resources to exploit various business opportunities to produce profitability.

If the profits are consistent, a company may purchase more assets and, therefore, expand its base of wealth (which is the goal of your business). To do this effectively, a company undertakes the budgeting process to assess the business opportunities available to it, the keys to successfully utilizing these opportunities and the goals and objectives the company must establish. The company must also plan long-term strategies which define its overall effort in building market share, increasing revenues, and decreasing variable costs. It must also create short-term strategies to increase profits, control costs, and invest for the future.

Every company must produce control mechanisms incorporating performance evaluations and financial metrics which measure operations and profitability. Good business judgment for making modifications in operations and planning is a necessity. Business markets will change and business models must do likewise in order to thrive and survive! Faith, hope, planning and action will always produce the desired outcome.

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