Teamwork from the Outside to the Inside

Hands touching The primary changes that have taken place in small business strategy have come as a result of changes within local economies. As the local marketplace has become increasingly volatile and competitive, companies have needed to adjust by reducing their time frames for responding to changing customer needs. Additional changes in business strategy have come in part because today’s workers tend to want and even demand more control over their work lives. The combination of these two factors has resulted in a new value being placed on employee participation in the strategic development process.

Many companies are now choosing to develop strategies through the creation of multifunctional teams. Combining employees from various functional areas in this way tends to promote strategic thinking, because the groups are able to focus on broad company goals rather than on more limited functional, department, or individual goals.

In addition to establishing cross-functional teams within the organization, some companies are beginning to solicit strategic input from their external customers and suppliers as well. The ever changing business market will always dictate to business owners what must take place within the internal operations structure. The market is always in control.  Stay on top of changes outside and in; and keep your employees engaged.


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