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Teamwork from the Outside to the Inside

The primary changes that have taken place in small business strategy have come as a result of changes within local economies. As the local marketplace has become increasingly volatile and competitive, companies have needed to adjust by reducing their time … Continue reading

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What is Your Business Forecast?

Business forecasting methods and levels of sophistication vary greatly. It involves the collection and analysis of hard data, and their interpretation by managers with proven business judgment. Every forecast will be used to assess future situations that will affect the business’ … Continue reading

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Customer Retention and Consistent Sales

Have you ever been confused by a business?  Maybe their products don’t match their image, or their mission statement seems to have a different message than the services they provide.  Every business organization must know why it exists and how its … Continue reading

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Small Business Management

          The game of “pass the blame” has no place in the world of the small business.  If you are the owner, then you hold the key to all responsibility.  The price for “passing the blame” … Continue reading

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Business Development Stage 7: Management

During the management stage of business development you will provide analysis and adjustment.  Now that there is an incoming cash flow, ongoing analysis is needed to maintain and grow your business. Your goal during this stage is to ensure proper utilization of resources.  … Continue reading

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