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Teamwork from the Outside to the Inside

The primary changes that have taken place in small business strategy have come as a result of changes within local economies. As the local marketplace has become increasingly volatile and competitive, companies have needed to adjust by reducing their time … Continue reading

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Standing Still is Not an Option

In the past, the formulation of business strategies was the responsibility of upper-level management. The traditional approach involved top managers coming up with a strategic direction for the company, setting it forth in an annual written strategic plan, and then disseminating the … Continue reading

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Business Strategies

Formulation of an effective business strategy requires detailed planning to consider the three major functions of the business: the company itself, its customers and the competition.  It is also important that strategies include only a few main concepts in order to maintain clear operational objectives.  … Continue reading

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A Quick Guide to Business Planning

Planning is a term you hear thrown around often in the business world. Basically, there are two timetables for business planning. The cheat sheet is: Long-range (1-5 years) = strategic (objectives and goals) Short-range (less than 1 year) = tactical … Continue reading

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